Mount Arukah

The Demand Project’s Residential Campus For Girls 

Mount Arukah is a haven for healing for survivors of Human Trafficking (HT), Online Enticement, Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), and the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC)

Mount Arukah: A Haven of Healing

Thanks to generous donations, tireless volunteer efforts, and unwavering support from community and political leaders, The Demand Project proudly operates one of the largest residential campuses in the United States for girls aged 11-17 who have survived human trafficking or commercial sexual exploitation.

Nestled in the hills of Oklahoma, the Mount Arukah campus is a purposefully situated sanctuary comprising nine buildings. Five houses offer dorm-style living for up to 30 girls, while the dining hall doubles as the Empower Academy online-alternative school. Additionally, the Mount Arukah campus hosts the Bethany Campus Clinic and Advocacy Center, life skills training facilities, and Central Park - a space for therapeutic recreational activities. Each house is overseen by a dedicated House Guardian, while the Leadership Home serves as a hub for the Executive Team's operations.


Journey to Freedom Program: Empowering Restoration

At Mount Arukah, the focus lies in the resident-centered and community-driven Journey to Freedom Program. This trauma-informed approach is dedicated to restoring survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, empowering them to transition from victims to thriving individuals. Through a blend of specialized care, tailored support, and holistic empowerment, survivors are equipped with the tools they need to reclaim their lives and flourish.

Mount Arukah Story

Mount Arukah is The Demand Project’s residential campus for girls ages 11-17 surviving human trafficking or commercial sexual exploitation.