The Demand Project believes in fighting the buyers that create the Demand side of trafficking through pursuing civil litigation, supporting investigations, and seeking restorative justice. Because we are in the trenches, we experience first-hand the practical effects of current laws and how to advocate for change. We also believe in sponsoring and supporting active law enforcement operations involving child sexual exploitation cases.

Access to Attorney
for Journey Clients

Alternative to Prison/Detention
for Journey Clients


The Demand Project has a dedicated legal team that is well-versed in best practices and is experienced in crafting effective legislation to benefit victims, survivors and increase penalties for their abusers. We have teamed up with supportive legislators to initiate and back several pieces of legislation that have resulted in real change.

Supporting Investigations

The Demand Project routinely recieves tips on potential sexual exploitation whether from a concerned parent or a human trafficking victim. When this happens, our goal is to direct them to the law enforcement agency that can best help them move through the process of justice and prosecution.

Legal Department

The Legal Department provides legal counsel for The Demand Project and its programs; ensures compliance with local, state, and federal authorities and regulations; provides legal and court advocacy for clients and residents; and serves in an advisory role and provides education through the Legal Committee for the Journey Program.

The Legal Department is working on developing an Alternative Court Program and Legal Advocacy Program to provide legal representation for survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

Our annual golf tournament proceeds
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