VAST (victim advocate support team)

The VASTeam (victim advocate support team) is composed of crisis intervention advocates, private investigators, and former law enforcement/military backgrounds. Assists law enforcement, court departments, service providers, and the community in the recovery of human trafficking and sexually exploited victims. The team does this through private investigation, crisis intervention, transportation, and facilitation of emergency resources using The Demand Project’s Resource Directory and Crisis Hotline.


FAST (family advocate support team)

The Demand Project designed the Family Advocate Support Team (FAST) to offer the families of Clients in the Journey Program as they transition back into a family unit. Many families of a human trafficking survivor will need a support team to help them as the family is reunified.


Bethany (crisis center and campus clinic)

Bethany Center is designed to assist law enforcement as a temporary intervention center offering crisis advocacy, forensic interviews, SANExam (sexual assault nurse exam) and facilitating recovery and restoration services and resources for human trafficking, CSEC, DMST or sexually exploited victims.